PPM has been involved with 4D planning and scheduling since the late nineties on projects in the UK and Ireland. PPM is a keen advocate of 4D BIM for any project within the built environment.

12 18 May 2013, Hearth of Doha

PPM’s 4D modelling services have been used for a number tenders in the UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle East and Far East. Our 4D models are used at either tender stage or Live Project stage. Our highly detailed 3D and ultimately 4D models are always assembled with constructability in mind. We feel that the constructability element of the works is significant in communicating how the project comes together in terms of time ,cost and quality. This approach taken from our strong background in project planning and project controls allows us to demonstrate effective 4D BIM modelling with project factors such as temporary works, logistics and phasing.

Besides using 4D modelling at the start of a project, we also use it for post contract completion in disputes demonstration and support both on a local and international scale.

It is deemed especially effective in these circumstances besides baseline monitoring.