Project resources problems !

We have found major problems with labour resources on building projects.This has become a major productivity obstacle in delivering projects on time.Their needs to be a more open and transparent system made available to contractors and clients to overcome this major issue.

Through quality control systems such as turnstile and realtime labour resource allocation systems, both parties can be informed of increases and decreases in labour.

However, we feel that clients and contractors need to agree this within the contract and the programme.

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PPM help deliver the Dublin Port Precinct project programme – 2017

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Will BIM solve the project delay crisis ?

PPM are seeing problems on projects current, past and future. What we are seeing is the same old story where BIM is believed to be the knight in shining armour for projects, however the story on the ground is somewhat different where the dragon is slaying the knight.

This so called dragon is and has been endemic pre and post recession within the construction and civil engineering industry. This dragon is cost, time and quality.

From our experience, teams are either commercially or non commercially orientated, especially at the design stage. And rightly so.

Add the dragons teeth of the form of contract and then we have a serious battle between the dragon and knight.

Is it a case of the industry slowly losing the “craft” where we were once told to work from the bottom up. Or is it a case that we place too much reliance on technology such as BIM in the case of mechanization and automation and losing the quill and the hammer ?

Time will tell.

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